Thanks to Youth Sunday volunteers

Posted May 15th, 2010

The youth group would like to express its appreciation to the congregation’s A/V Crew for their assistance during Youth Sunday Worship on May 9.  That Worship often has some technically challenging elements, and we appreciate their help.  This would include Andy Ullom, Rick Tyler, and Chris Whitacre.  Thank you!

The youth group would also like to say thanks to Becky Snell and Dan Masterson who provided musical leadership for the congregational singing during Youth Sunday.  Thanks, Becky and Dan!

Thank you for cookie deliveries

Posted May 15th, 2010

Thank you to Bonnie and Dave Fruth, John and Maxine Miller, and Miriam Hoover who provided cookies to deliver to the nearly 80 McPherson and Central Christian College students who have agreed to have contact with our congregation during this year.  The Senior High Youth have packaged those and they are being delivered before exams with a note attached thanking the students for their presence in McPherson, and to stay in touch with our congregation over the summer via our website, on Facebook, or by text messages.  We also expressed our hope to see them again next Fall.

This year cookies have been delivered to these college students on four different occasions, each time packaged by either the Junior or Senior High youth.  That’s nearly 1600 cookies!  Thanks to the congregation for their cookie donations to support these college students, and for supporting this service project of the youth group.

Camp staff transportation

Posted May 15th, 2010

Persons who are volunteering on the staff of Camp Colorado, and who would like to use the transportation offered the Youth Group are advised that they also need to register by May 23 to be guaranteed a spot “in the van”.  Contact for more information.

In the past, we have not charged individuals/camp volunteers for the ride to camp.  However if that staff person is eligible for travel reimbursement from the camp because of their volunteer position, staff are asked to request that reimbursement and sign that reimbursement check over to the Youth Group.  This helps defray the costs of providing this transportation to Camp Colorado, costs that are mostly covered by camp participants themselves (except in tough years when the Youth Team covers any deficit).