Properties Team

The Stewardship of Property Team is responsible for carrying out the church’s mission and vision related to property. Responsibilities include overseeing the church property, including the exterior and interior of building, the grounds, and church vehicles; and being responsible for insurance, custodial care, and renovation planning.

Team functions

  • Insurance
  • Custodial duties
  • Care of buildings and lawn
  • Facility improvements

All Church Work Day Oct. 8

Posted September 20th, 2011

Properties Team invites you to an all church work day on Saturday, October 8, beginning at 8:00 a.m. It would help us to know approximately how many people will be available to tidy up the church facilities. Some of the chores we anticipate include the following:

  • Clean and prepare the baptistery for resurfacing. Resurface if time permits.
  • Paint window frames
  • Paint multipurpose room
  • Clean pews
  • Cover air conditioners
  • Replace plantings in the sign area
  • Place soil in the planter on the south side of the Education Building
  • Clean window wells
  • Check and clean gutters/downspouts
  • Other items yet to be identified

A signup sheet will be posted in the Gathering Space &/or the Good Shepherd Foyer on September 25 and October 2.

If you have interest in specific tasks, let one of the members of Properties Team know of your interest. Properties Team members are Larry Gilbert, Gene Reinecker, Mike Goering, Rita Beam. Chris Whitacre is the staff liaison person.

Thanks to Roger Black for repairing and painting the east and north doors of the Education Building.