Jesus in the Neighborhood

Jesus in the Neighborhood

In 2022, the McPherson Church of the Brethren established plans for “Jesus in the Neighborhood,” an initiative supporting a denominational-wide effort to serve as disciples through relationship-based neighborhood engagement. Congregational feedback resulted in the church adopting four ACTIONS to support the local community. Those actions include Caring for Creation; Engaging in Service & Peacemaking; Supporting Youth, Family & Young Adults and Partnering for Racial Justice.

How to start a strategic plan project:

Step 1: Contact the Leadership Team Chair when you have an action or project idea.
Step 2: Leadership Team Chair will identify a ministry team to support your action or project idea. You will be given the ministry team’s name and the corresponding chair name.
Step 3: A representative from the team will contact you to determine what support is needed. Team assistance may include the following:

  • Contacting individuals who have expressed interest in your action
  • Providing person power, supplies and/or finances
  • Identifying a project leader and/or co-leader

Step 4: Work may proceed once individuals commit to helping with a project
Step 5: The team chair will provide progress reports to the Leadership Team on behalf of the project leader

Care for Creation

Action I includes the following goals:

  • Local Projects: nature trails, tree planting, highway clean-up
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of McPherson Church of the Brethren facility
  • Solar array installed on church buildings
  • Collaborate with other churches on care of creation

Project Highlights:

Engage in Service & Peacemaking

Action II includes the following goals:

  • Assist/partner with persons in poverty
  • Annual work week with local Habitat for Humanity
  • Build community getting to know actual neighbors
  • Communications training how to relate to differing views

Project Highlights:

Support Youth, Families & Young Adults

Action III includes the following goals:

  • Create/staff a coffee house aimed at young adults & McPherson College students
  • House and staff an after-school tutoring program for youth
  • Prioritize church programming for needs of young families
  • Collaborate with McPherson College to get a Spiritual Life Director

Project Highlights:

Partner for Racial Justice

Action IV includes the following goals:

  • Seek guidance from Morningstar Baptist Church on actions to deter local racial discrimination
  • Become a Sanctuary Congregation
  • Partner with McPherson College to host events promoting racial community

Project Highlights: