News from Good Beginnings Preschool

Posted March 19th, 2018

In March the Prekindergarten Class took a field trip to the McPherson College Sports Center where college students under the direction of Professor John Hoffman were their teachers. The children enjoyed familiar activities like doing a somersault and walking on a low balance beam and new activities like ladder ball, using a racket to hit a balloon, and working together to move a giant parachute! Another highlight was doing yoga with Miss Kelli Dosset. The children tried many poses including cat, cow, dog, butterfly, snake, flower, and plow. Both of these experiences helped the children find new ways to use and control their bodies.

The Younger Class made cloud and sun puppets to report the weather. The dentist was rescheduled for March and the children learned which foods/drinks are good and bad for their teeth. Each child had a turn to help brush Alex the Dragon’s teeth.

Both classes made Easter baskets and will be celebrating Easter with their friends.

The Prekindergarten Class is looking forward to gluing a windsock and painting a kite in April. Lindsey Friesen from the McPherson County Extension Office will teach the children about plants and help them plant seeds. Books that will guide the children’s learning are My Spring Robin; Going on a Nature Hunt; Up, Down, and Around (the way seeds grow); Mrs. McNosh and the Great Big Squash; and the old favorite The Carrot Seed.

We hope you have a wonderful Easter with family and friends. We appreciate being part of the Church of the Brethren family!

Carol Temple, Director

News from Good Beginnings Preschool

Posted January 24th, 2018

Both Preschool classes have been enjoying action songs, books, and activities using the I-pad and new TV.  What fun!  Going on a Bear Hunt was a favorite book to watch and act out.

The preschoolers were excited to see snow at the beginning of January. The older class even brought snow inside to explore! They scooped it, packed it, dumped it, and noticed it starting to melt. They were glad the snow melted outside so they could run and play again. Favorite winter activities for the older class children included painting mittens, drawing snow pictures with chalk, gluing a snowman, cutting snowflakes, and making roll-up sandwiches. The children enjoyed dressing in their pajamas and bringing sleep toys to share and compare for pajama day.

Younger class children painted bear shapes, glued buttons on bears, laced a mitten, glued a snowman, and made an edible snowman! Favorite stories included Mat Man Shapes; Llama, Llama, Home With Mama; and Corduroy.

In February all the children will create valentines and valentine boxes. They can work with old valentines, envelopes, and stamps to make mail for each other and for their families. These activities will provide opportunities for the children to practice communication, writing, literacy, imaginative play, and sharing skills!

Since February is Dental Health Month, we are fortunate to have two dentists willing to share time with the preschoolers. Matthew Perry, DDS and Stacy Wince, DDS will teach us how to take good care of our teeth.

Blessings in the New Year! Thank you for your ongoing support.

Carol Temple, Director

News from Good Beginnings Preschool

Posted November 28th, 2017

Good Beginnings Preschool children enjoyed Family Nights on Monday, November 27 and Tuesday, November 28. The children and their parents sang songs and did finger plays together and then enjoyed a snack. Larry Temple, ventriloquist, brought a “friend” to visit the Prekindergarten Class.

We are excited to start implementing activities and ideas from our new curriculum, Learning Without Tears!  We feel very blessed by the Barbara Flory Memorial Fund, established by her family, which has made the purchase of this new curriculum possible. Barbara’s legacy of love for children, education, and Good Beginnings Preschool (which she began) is living on for future generations of children!

In December, prekindergarten children can easel paint star, angel, candy cane, and tree shapes; create a pine cone ornament; decorate Christmas cookies; make a surprise for their parents; and share many Chistmas songs and finger plays! Old Christmas cards will provide lots of opportunities for cutting and gluing.

Younger Class children can glue Rudolph magnets, fingerprint trees, and make pompom Christmas trees. Special songs include Tapping Little Elf, Ring Those Bells, There Was a Little Baby, and Jingle Bells.

Blessings to you as you celebrate Christmas and the New Year with family and friends. Thank you for your ongoing monetary and prayer support!

Carol Temple, Director

Good Beginnings Preschool Plans for October Activities

Posted September 18th, 2017

October is “Color Month” for the Younger Class.  The children can wear different colored clothing each week!  Activities include creating a colorful butterfly, color graphing with Fruit Loops, and easel painting.  Favorite color books include Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes; Mouse Paint; and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

All preschoolers are looking forward to meeting firefighters in October!  The Prekindergarten Class will travel to the fire station to take a tour and learn about fire safety.  The children always have a great time meeting the firefighters, seeing the fire trucks and fire station, and meeting Patches and Pumper!  Firefighters will bring a huge fire truck to the preschool to visit the Younger Class. The children can learn about fire safety and get their picture taken sitting in the fire truck!

We are fortunate to have librarians Miss Jennifer, Miss Liz, and Miss Kailey coming this year.  It is exciting to have library time for all the children each month.  They look forward to this time!

Parent/teacher conferences will be held on Thursday, October 26.  Younger class parents will meet with their teachers in the morning and over the noon hour.  Prekindergarten Class parents will meet with the teacher late afternoon/evening.  We look forward to this time of sharing and getting to know the children better!

Thank you for your continued support.

Carol Temple, Director

Good Beginnings Preschool News

Posted August 22nd, 2017

We are excited about our new preschool year!  Dorothy Janzen and Cora Duerksen will teach the Younger Class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Dorothy Janzen and Carol Temple are the teachers for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday Prekindergarten Class.  Classes begin on August 30 and 31.

Preschool children will be part of the “class family” – learning to know each other, learning the routines of the day, and growing and learning in a wide variety of areas!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of those who helped make the preschool and playground ready for the children!

Thank you to the Properties Team, Jina and Gary Dickerson, and the church family for your work.  We love the new air conditioner in the Prekindergarten Room.

Thank you for your prayers and support as we begin our new year.

Carol Temple, Director