Musings from Ministry Team Members

Posted October 19th, 2017

Greetings Fellow Pilgrims,

The weather is shifting, and I welcome it.  The cooler days of fall invite us to spend more time outside playing, laughing, loving.  I love walking out on our deck to let our dog out for her morning routine, and as I breathe deep the autumn air, I feel alive.  New.  Refreshed.  The cool air stings my lungs, yes.  But it is a joyous feeling.  These are the moments that let me know I am alive.  That life is good.  And for all that is, I am eternally grateful.

I am supposed to find ways to inspire with these words in the newsletter or offer some profound wisdom/insight.  I don’t know that I have either this month.  I simply want to share how joy filled I am to be here.  In this space.  With you all on this amazing journey.  There is so much going on in our world that we could lament or condemn or be angry about, but each morning as I stand on my deck, looking over my yard, watching Goldie explore the fence, I laugh.

Because as the sun rises, revealing the deep blue sky above, showing me all that is, I am blessed.  Those early morning moments afford me the time to reflect on my life, and I feel so incredibly thankful.  Kendra has a great job, and she loves going to work.  So many in the world dread clocking in, and my best friend, my partner in life, drives an hour so that she can make a difference.  She loves it, and that brings me joy.  It is not only joy I feel, because as I stand on that deck, facing the west, feeling the rays of the sun sneak in from behind me, I cry.  But not necessarily tears of sorrow.

There is much about the future that I do not know and much of it I fear.  I wonder what will my kids become?  How will they be treated?  What world are we giving them?  These questions cause anxiety to rise up within me that almost stops my heart.  But then standing on that deck, echoing from somewhere deep within me, I hear my children’s laughter.  As much as the world seems to be descending into a dark abyss, the laughter of my children snaps me back to reality.  Daniel and Reyna are surrounded by family who love them.  They have friends who play and laugh and dream dreams with them.  They have a church family who treat them as their own.  Yes the world might seem like a bleak place, but God is still God and the world is good.  Reflecting on all these truths empowers me to sigh with a sense of peace that cannot be taken away, nor does the world we inhabit understand that peace.

It is a peace that is out there.  Yes, in some faraway place, but on those brisk mornings on my deck, I realize that same peace is within me.  It is the active presence of the Holy Spirit moving back and forth.  It is the Spirit of laughter in my kids.  It is the hyper active Labrador that chases a rabbit all over our yard, never able to catch her prey.  It is Kendra’s love that stands with me every day.  And it is in each one of you, my church family that walks with me.  These truths give me peace, and they cause me to take deep breaths and say Amen.  Thank you.  Praise be to God for all that is and all that will be.

The day is coming, soon I think, when standing on my deck, each morning, will be filled with the winds that do not comfort but steal my breath.  I will not worry about those days, not yet.  They are still in the distant future.  What I am going to focus on is the now.  Today.  And all that God has blessed me with.  Will you join me in celebrating the good in our lives?  Will you celebrate, with me, all the gifts God has given us?  And will you walk with me, and my family, in giving thanks for those awe filled, daily experiences that illuminate the work of God in our lives?   So join me.  Stand with me on whatever morning inspiration filled deck you have and breathe deep in the power of the Spirit moving in our lives.  Amen.    — Pastor Jerry

Attendance for September 2017

Posted October 18th, 2017

Sept. 3:    Sunday School N/A – Worship 146

Sept. 10:  Sunday School 45 – Worship 182

Sept. 17:  Sunday School 32 – Worship 178

Sept. 24:  Sunday School 38 – Worship 133

Notes of Appreciation

Posted October 18th, 2017

My spirits have been buoyed by your prayers, cards, thoughts and concerns for me the past several weeks.  I realized and appreciated the support of the church family very much, especially during the anointing service.   It is good to be present again for Sunday school and worship.  Thank you.    — Art Hoch

The church office has received thank you letters from the following for contributions to their programs and ministries:

•Church World Service

•McPherson College

Thank You to Our Church Office Volunteers

Posted October 18th, 2017

Emilie Dell, Glenn Gayer, Jana Goering, Elsie Holderread, Lois Neher, Carolyn Schrock, Paul and Mary Wagoner

Information for the Congregation for Sunday, October 15, 2017

Posted October 13th, 2017

The Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty will hold their Annual Abolition Conference and Meeting at 1 p.m. on Saturday, October 21, in the Church Social Room. The topic will be “The Kansas Death Penalty: What a Waste!” Speakers will include Roger Werholtz, retired secretary of the Kansas Department of Corrections; Senator Carolyn McGinn; and Celeste Dixon, a murder victim family member. No admission, everyone welcome. For reservations, email or call 785-235-2237.


The Gathering – Friday – Sunday, October 27– 29, 2017

“For We are God’s Poetry” is the theme for the event which will be held at Webster Conference Center, Salina. Early Bird registration is due by Monday, October 16. For forms and on-line registration, check the district website ( Everyone is invited.