Worship Bulletin: 10/2/22

Worship Bulletin: 10/2/22

Welcome to Worship at the McPherson Church of the Brethren
We invite your active participation in the life of this congregation, as together we continue to grow in grace and seek justice for God’s creation.

Sunday, October 2, 2022 @ 10:15 a.m.

On this day, we remember that we are part of the whole body of believers.
Whether shared in a grand cathedral, a mud hut, outside on a hilltop, in a meetinghouse, or in a storefront,
we and other Christians celebrate the communion liturgy in as many ways as there are congregations.
World Communion Sunday can be both a profound worship experience and
a time for learning more about the wider community of faith.

Gathering Hymn

Video Welcome

Sharing Joys and Concerns | LeRoy Weddle

Centering Music | “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”
Lois Grove, piano

Call to Worship
ONE:   This is the place and this is the time – here and now God waits to break into our experience.
ALL:    To change our minds – To change our lives – To change our ways.
ONE:   To make us see the world and the whole of life in a new light.
ALL:    To fill us with hope, with joy and certainty for the future.
ONE:   This is the place, as are all places; this is the time, as are all times.
ALL:    Here and now – Let us praise God.

Unison Prayer
Creator God, we rejoice in the assurance of your presence.
Give us ears to hear You, eyes to see You, hearts to feel You.
Thank You for the hope you bring us in Your continuing signs and wonders.

Opening Song | “What is this Place” | #1

Story for the Children | Barbara Wagoner

Video Invitation to Give
Give online or send a check made payable to “McPherson Church of the Brethren,” 200 N. Carrie, McPherson, KS 67460

Musical Offering | “Rain Down” | Jaime Cortez
Wylene Lengel, Carol Ward & Deb van Asselt; vocalists
Bryan Hess; piano
Marta Moorman; guitar

Rain down, Rain down, Rain down your love on your people
Rain down, Rain down, Rain down your love, God of life

Faithful and true is the Word of our God – All of God’s works are so worthy of trust
God’s mercy falls on the just and the right – Full of God’s love is the earth REFRAIN

We who revere and find hope in our God – Live in the kindness and joy of God’s wing
God will protect us from darkness and death – God will not leave us to starve REFRAIN

God of creation, we long for Your truth – You are the water of life that we thirst
Grant that Your love and peace touch our hearts – All of our hope lies in You. REFRAIN

Scripture Focus | Lamentations 3:19-26

Message | “Lament & Hope” | Kathryn Whitacre

Ritual of the Bread and Cup | “Do This in Remembrance of Me”| Luke 22:19

Unison Communion Words of Affirmation
We affirm our desire to meet God in the world and in the meeting with each other as God’s Children.
Our hearts say yes to the God of grace and glory.
We affirm our desire to admire God’s creation; to nurture it, to protect it..
Our hearts say yes to the God of light and sun.
We affirm our desire to work for bread for ourselves and all humanity.
To give and receive – to share the bread of life.
Our hearts say yes to the God of life and death.
We affirm the surprising mystery and gift of each person and of life in a community of sharing.
Our hearts say yes to the God of hope and love.

Words for the Bread and Cup
We eat this bread – in memory of the Living Bread –
who calls us to feed ALL and ANY who are hungry.
We drink this cup – in memory of the Living Cup –
who calls us to offer drink to ALL and ANY who are thirsty.
May we remember – may we answer God’s call.

Communion – Bread and Cup

Unison Prayer | Blessing: And the Table Will Be Wide
written by Jan L. Richardson and posted on The Painted Prayerbook

And the table [is] wide.
And the welcome [is] wide.
And the arms [are] open wide to gather us in.
And our hearts [are] open wide to receive.

And we will [go forth] as children who trust there is enough.
And we will [go out] unhindered and free.
And our aching will be met with bread.
And our sorrow will be met with wine.

And we will open our hands to [share] the feast without shame.
And we will turn toward each other without fear.
And we will give up our appetite for despair.
And [together] we will taste and know of delight.

And we will [be] bread for a hungering world.
And we will [be] drink for those who thirst.
And the blessed will become the blessing.
And everywhere will be the feast. [May it be so]

Sending Song | “Here in This Place” | #6

Sending Words

Sending Music | “Onward Christian Soldiers” | arr. Rudy Atwood
Tom Hurst, piano

Videography and Editing: Eric Goering
Music Coordinator: Ellen Gilbert

Choir Director: Becky Snell
Technical Crew: Eric Goering, Ryan Goering, Shane Kirchner, Steve Lolling & Chris Whitacre
Chancel Decoration Team: Jill Brax, Colleen Gustafson, Michele Johnson, Shane Kirchner & Lara Schoming