Leadership Team Meeting – 10/20/19

Leadership Team Meeting – 10/20/19

Church Leadership Team Minutes
Sunday, October 20, 2019

Members Present: Wylene Lengel, Carolyn Schrock, Carolyn Masterson, Jean Hendricks, Matt Friesen, Charlotte Loewen, Bryan Hess, Karlene Tyler

Staff Present: Chris Whitacre, Kathryn Whitacre, Jerry Bowen via phone

11:30 am Opening
– Wylene Lengel read the District mission statement and our church mission statement.
– Meeting was opened with prayer.Meeting was opened with prayer.

Review Proposed 2020 Financial Budget
– Carolyn Masterson handed out the proposed 2020 budget and reviewed it with the team. 
– We will spend 94-95% of the 2019 budget.
– Finance team will post updates in the weekly newsletter.
– A growing budget is a sign of a growing congregation.
– The leadership team approved the budget with a few changes.
– The 2020 proposed budget column will be emphasized for forum.
– This budget will be presented at the congregational forum.

View Advertising Video from Open Door Team
– It is not finalized.
– It was noted that it did not have many adults in the video.
– The team liked the advertising.

Approve September 15, 2019 Minutes
– The leadership team approved last month’s leadership team minutes.

District Asking for Gifts Assessment Names
– A letter was sent by Dorothy Davidson asking for names to be submitted for positions at the District level.
– A form has been sent to Western Plains personnel and was passed around to the leadership team.

Transportation Policy
– This will be reviewed at a later date when Jerry Bowen and Phil Stover are present onsite.

Jerry Bowen Seeking Approval for Substitute Teaching
– This cannot interfere with his normal ¾ time pastor position.
– Jerry will accept substitute positions on preferably Fridays which is his “off” day.
– His proposal was reviewed.
– Wrestling is at a separate time.
– The leadership team gave approval for Jerry to pursue substitute teaching in addition to his position at the church for the 2019-2020 school year.

Staff Evaluations
– Self assessments were sent to all staff.
– Appropriate reviews need to be completed by year-end.

Properties Update
– Carpets were cleaned in the multipurpose room in the Education Bldg, all of the basement, the northex and the community room. 
– It was noted that the elevator carpet was missed. 
– Thanks to the Hess’s for moving tables and chairs back.

Short Term Task Group for Small Group Ministry
– Kathryn ask permission to start up a short-term task force to figure out the logistics for small group ministry. 
– It would be in place for the 2019-2020 academic year.
– She hopes to get teams started if not before, then by the 8 weeks of Lent.
– The leadership team gave Kathryn approval to proceed.

Care-Giving Ministry Update
– Charlotte Loewen said introductory meetings were scheduled for November 2 & 3.
– The team has identified people to be care givers.
– Goal is to have Care Giving Ministers in place by January 1.

Youth Team Update
– The youth will cease having a garden to maintain.
– A work auction is in the planning stages.

Worship Team Update
– Jean Hendricks reported that the team wants feedback on the worship experience.

Congregational Forum and Agenda – November 10
– The church will provide fried chicken for the potluck.
– Leadership team members will provide setup and cleanup duties.
– Roger Schrock will oversee the agenda.  Possible topic of ‘open leadership positions’ could be added and status of changes to bylaws and constitution will be checked.

Respectfully submitted – Wylene Lengel  (Substitute for Beth Versaw, Clerk)