Musings from Ministry Team Members

Posted January 24th, 2019

The tools we use to communicate are changing almost more rapidly than we can keep pace. Some of us used phones affixed to the wall with crank handles and ‘party’ lines (the old hoot-n-holler). Some of us used ‘rotary’ dials with numbers containing only four digits. Some of us celebrated the freedom found in ‘cordless’ phones that resided in a ‘base’ for recharging. Who knew we would all be ditching our ‘land-lines’ because our ‘cell’ phone is ‘smarter’ and from it – we can communicate in almost any way necessary. Churches traditionally ‘change’ at a turtle’s pace. And yet, in this fast-paced reality we live within, churches probably need to be on the forefront of the revolution in communication. A recent quote I ran across read, “WE don’t build a church, we build people – and then people – build the church”. Not exactly ‘rocket science’ – nor something we did not already know. Jesus showed us through every interaction and encounter that he knew God’s work was all about ‘building people’. And we know that ‘building people’ requires being in communication. Over the next year we are going to try some new communication concepts. We hope they will be more environmentally friendly. We hope they will help us communicate more frequently and effectively. We know this journey will include trial and error. We rely on your patience and your constructive feedback. Schooling and shoaling is a kind of collective animal behavior by fish. Fish that stay together for social reasons are ‘shoaling’ AND if the shoal is swimming in the same direction together, it is ‘schooling’. Perhaps over this next year – as we try new ways of communication – we will find ourselves behaving less like a turtle and more like a shoal of schooling fish – building people – who will build the church – to do God’s work. – Pastor Kathryn

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