Upcoming Opportunities — Brethren Disaster Ministries

Posted July 5th, 2018

Floyd Pearson, a trained Brethren Disaster Ministries leader, who works with the Kansas Disciples of Christ, has invited us to join them in a mission trip to Lybrook Community Ministries, September 2-8.  The work will include cutting and splitting wood, winterizing homes, working in a thrift shop, and other projects to be determined.  If interested, contact Floyd (620.755.6394; floyd.pearson@gmail.com) or Bud and Susan Taylor.

Also, the Brethren Disaster Ministries Office reports that they still need volunteers for these dates:

Carolinas 1 July 15-21            13 spots OPEN

Carolinas 1 July 29-Aug 4        5 spots OPEN

Carolinas 2 Dec. 9-15              15 spots OPEN

Carolinas 1 Dec. 16-22            15 spots OPEN

USVI Sept 9-22                       5 spots OPEN

If are interested, contact Bud or Susan.

Bud and Susan Taylor

taylorbud48@cox.net or 620.245.4836

susandtaylor@yahoo.com or 620.245.4835

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