Information for the Congregation for Sunday, June 11, 2017

Posted June 9th, 2017

“Operation Kid to Kid” is the 2017 VBS service project and offering. This is to assist with the building of a water well in a Peruvian village. Every $5 donation will help provide clean water for an entire year for a child in a Peruvian Village. To donate, please check their website or write VBS/Operation on your check memo. Questions, contact Sarah Hendricks (620-480-0165).

Pastors Chris and Kathryn Whitacre will be on vacation from today through Wednesday, June 21. For pastoral care and concerns, contact Roger Schrock (620-504-4392) or the Church Office (620-241-1109).

Due to street repair, Gordon Street will be closed from June 12 – July 31.

Gloria Price is the Pre-Junior Camp Director at Camp Mt. Hermon, June 25-29. She is looking for 2 male counselors and 1 youth counselor. If interested, call 620-331-0551.

Western Plains District will sponsor a trip to Lybrook Community Ministries near the Navajo Mission in New Mexico, September 10-16. We will be working on garden clean-up, winterizing homes and housing construction. We will also be sponsoring another trip to Eureka, Missouri, December 3-9, where we will work on rebuilding after flood damage. If interested in either of these trips, please contact Bud or Susan Taylor ( or

Would you like to become a member? Would you like to dedicate your child(ren)? To initiate a conversation, express your intent or to ask questions, contact: Pastors Chris, Jerry, or Kathryn, through the Church Office (620-241-1109).

Church Cancellation

In the event of severe weather or a catastrophic event:

listen to local radio KBBE 96.7

watch rolling banner on bottom of screen on TV Channel 12

check KWCH Channel 12 website CLOSED list and the church Facebook page

When personnel can get to the office, an All Church Email will be sent

2017 Monthly Financial Report


June 4

June 11 June 18 June 15


Weekly Offering Needed
$8,000 $8,000 $8,000 $8,000


Offering Received

2017 Year-to Date Financial Report



February March April May


Monthly Offering Needed
$40,000 $32,000 $32,000 $40,000 $32,000


Offering Received
$43,183.44 $26,650.04 $28,431.94 $28,707.78




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