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The tools we use to communicate are changing almost more rapidly than we can keep pace. Some of us used phones affixed to the wall with crank handles and ‘party’ lines (the old hoot-n-holler). Some of us used ‘rotary’ dials with numbers containing only four digits. Some of us celebrated the freedom found in ‘cordless’ phones that resided in a ‘base’ for recharging. Who knew we would all be ditching our ‘land-lines’ because our ‘cell’ phone is ‘smarter’ and from it – we can communicate in almost any way necessary. Churches traditionally ‘change’ at a turtle’s pace. And yet, in this fast-paced reality we live within, churches probably need to be on the forefront of the revolution in communication. A recent quote I ran across read, “WE don’t build a church, we build people – and then people – build the church”. Not exactly ‘rocket science’ – nor something we did not already know. Jesus showed us through every interaction and encounter that he knew God’s work was all about ‘building people’. And we know that ‘building people’ requires being in communication. Over the next year we are going to try some new communication concepts. We hope they will be more environmentally friendly. We hope they will help us communicate more frequently and effectively. We know this journey will include trial and error. We rely on your patience and your constructive feedback. Schooling and shoaling is a kind of collective animal behavior by fish. Fish that stay together for social reasons are ‘shoaling’ AND if the shoal is swimming in the same direction together, it is ‘schooling’. Perhaps over this next year – as we try new ways of communication – we will find ourselves behaving less like a turtle and more like a shoal of schooling fish – building people – who will build the church – to do God’s work. – Pastor Kathryn

Attendance for December, 2018

Dec. 2:     Sunday School 31 – Worship 181

Dec. 9:     Sunday School 41 – Worship 165

Dec. 16:   Sunday School 27 – Worship 207

Dec. 23:   Sunday School 24 – Worship 152

Dec. 30:   Sunday School 28 – Worship 120

Attendance for January, 2019

Jan. 6:      Sunday School 41 – Worship 156

Jan. 13:    Sunday School 35 – Worship 135

Jan. 20:    Sunday School 35 – Worship 154

Jan. 27:    Sunday School 39 – Worship 138


New Rugs for Good Beginnings Preachool!

A huge thank you to the anonymous donors of the new rugs for preschool!!! They make our rooms so much more inviting, warm, and colorful! One of the first things the children did with the large oval alphabet rug was to go from letter to letter spelling their name. They were so excited! – Carol Temple, Director


Notes of Appreciation

Thank you to our Church Office Volunteers:

Rita Beam, Elsie Holderread, Paul and Mary Wagoner

The church office has received thank you letters from the following for contributions to their programs and ministries:

•Live Free Ministries – The Omega Project (ACGM)

•McPherson College





In Memoriam — Bob Brax

Bob Brax died on Thursday, February 7. The memorial service was held on Thursday, February 14, at the church. We wish to express our sympathy to his wife, Jill Brax; brothers, Don (Kathy) Brax, Allan (Cheryl) Brax, David (Sue Ann) Brax; and the other immediate and extended family members.

In Memoriam — Connie Blum

Connie Blum, sister of Bonnie Fruth, died on February 5. The memorial service was held on Saturday, February 9, in Dixon, IL. We wish to express our sympathy to David and Bonnie Fruth and other immediate and extended family members.

In Memoriam — Gladys Ford

Gladys Ford died on Monday, February 4. The graveside service was held on Saturday, February 9, at the McPherson Cemetery. We wish to express our sympathy to her daughters, Cynthia Nelson, Bettie Ruth McNeill; sons, Charles “Bill” Ford, James (Elly) Ford; and the other immediate and extended family members.

Books by Kirk MacGregor


Contemporary Theology: An Introduction—Classical, Evangelical, Philosophical, and Global Perspectives (2019).

A chronological survey of the major thinkers and schools of thought in modern theology. See the book and the table of contents at

If you want a signed copy for $20, contact Kirk directly or speak with him after church.


Luis de Molina: The Life and Theology of the Founder of Middle Knowledge (paperback 2018; originally published in hardback 2015).

The first complete intellectual biography of the Spanish theologian who, in the judgment of many philosophers of religion, decisively reconciled divine sovereignty with genuine human freedom. See the book and the table of contents at

If you want a signed copy for $15, contact Kirk directly or speak with him after church.

February News — Good Beginnings Preschool

In February both classes will have fun decorating Valentine containers for Valentines Day! The children love to give Valentines to each other and to parents. Old valentines and envelopes provide language and literacy fun and learning. “This E is for Emmy.” “I made a Valentine for everyone in my family-1, 2, 3.” “How do I write _____’s name?” “I can write MOM!”  Heart shapes will be painted with marbles in the Younger Class and at the easel in the Prekindergarten Class.

All children can “brush” egg carton teeth and glue “teeth” to a smile!  We are fortunate that local dentists support the preschool! Dr. Matthew Perry will visit the Prekindergarten Class and Dr. Stacy Wince’s staff will visit the Younger Class. The dentists will teach the children about healthy foods and drinks for their teeth and talk about unhealthy ones. The children will learn how to take care of their teeth so the teeth stay strong and healthy.

The Younger Class Family Fun Night will be Tuesday, Feb. 19.  Younger Class children are making all kinds of buildings-learning how to arrange, balance, and cooperate with the new Melissa and Doug blocks! The magnetic shape tiles donated last year still receive a lot of work and play – more math and science skills developing! Austin Brown, McPherson College auto restoration student, provided time and expertise to repair our sensory table frame. Thank you, Austin! We are thrilled with the brand new rugs given to the preschool by anonymous donors!

Thank you for your support!

Carol Temple, Director

Notes of Appreciation

Thank You to Our Church Office Volunteers:

Emilie Dell, Karen Hoch, Elsie Holderread, Karlene Tyler, Paul and Mary Wagoner

The following have sent acknowledgements for contributions to their programs and ministries from the Alternative Christmas Gift Market

  • Brethren Disaster Ministries
  • Church World Service
  • Mobility Worldwide – KS  Moundridge
  • Mt. Hope Sanctuary
  • New Community Project