Posted June 22nd, 2017

This is a picture of a stream recently visited on our family’s trip to New Mexico.  Located in Taos Ski Valley, it was running full capacity from the winter snow melt and the banks strained to contain the freezing, rushing water.  The day was bright, clear and gorgeous – the sound hypnotic and mesmerizing as it carried away stresses of the heart and soul, even if only for a moment.  The wonder and beauty of nature has powers of restoration and renewal.

The photo was taken using a cell phone.  Not only is this moment captured in a still photo, but I also recorded the sight and sound on a video, as well.  I now have sight, sound, and memory of being there.  Etched within my memory is the smell of pines in the mountain air.  When I revisit this place – a frozen moment in time – the sensory experience rushes back.  This memory, its sight and sounds, can again and again, have potential to ease moments of stress or worry.  The picture and video remain as a touchstone and a memory of meaningful experience.

The experiences of life and faith work in much the same way.  We experience the life of the church within community defined by moments of; worship, potluck meals, Communion, Love Feast, work days, camp, disaster work trips, Vacation Bible School, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, study of the Bible, Baptism and membership.  What faith experiences serve as touchstones to your faith journey and bring forth meaningful memories?  How might these moments provide growth, reflection, and inspiration?

Faith experiences can be full and very dynamic – like a flowing stream trying to spill over the banks that strive to confine it.  Knowing God’s love for us and the world, the experiences of faith, in all its many respects, is life giving, refreshing, and can hardly be contained.

The memory of the rushing water remains. Inspiring to me – it represents hope, patience, and renewal.  The fresh chill of the rushing water represents a welcome reprieve from the drought in the Rocky Mountain West.  The surrounding landscapes of endless green and ever-flowing water appeared plentiful.  This life giving water speaks to me of God’s –all-knowing presence in the world; in times of drought and times of plenty.  I am reminded of the life giving quality of faith; in times of spiritual drought and times of spiritual plenty.  Life and faith ebb and flow together – not always in the same way or at the same time but together, as one.

What, for you, are the touchstones of life and faith that provide hope, promise, inspiration, and serve as a reminder of God’s abundant love and presence in your life and the world?

Pastor Chris

Attendance for May 2017

Posted June 16th, 2017

May 7:      Sunday School 52 – Worship N/A

May 14:    Sunday School 58 – Worship 210

May 21 :   Sunday School 42 – Worship 194

May 28:    Sunday School 35 – Worship 150


Thank You Notes

Posted June 16th, 2017

Thank You to Our Church Office Volunteers:

Paul and Mary Wagoner

In Appreciation

Thank you for your kind and gracious calls, cards and prayers during this time of grieving the death of my son Dave.    — Eula Frantz

The church office has received thank you letters from the following for contributions to their programs and ministries:

•McPherson College

•McPherson County Food Bank


Western Plains Service Opportunities

Posted June 6th, 2017

Western Plains District will sponsor a trip to Lybrook Community Ministries near the Navajo Mission in New Mexico, September 10-16. We will be working on garden clean-up, winterizing homes and housing construction. We will also be sponsoring another trip to Eureka, Missouri, December 3-9, where we will work on rebuilding after flood damage. If interested in either of these trips, please contact Bud or Susan Taylor ( or


In Memoriam — H. Maurice Lichty

Posted June 2nd, 2017

H. Maurice Lichty died on Tuesday, May 30. Maurice, who resided in Nebraska City, Nebraska, was a former McPherson resident and continued to be a member of the McPherson congregation. The graveside service was held on Friday, June 2, at the McPherson Cemetery. We wish to express our sympathy to his daughters, Ann (David) Hendricks; Jean (Bill) Dammast; Vonda (John) Williams; and the other immediate and extended family members.