Worship Service – 1-22-2017

Posted January 22nd, 2017

“Give Thanks to You” Jerry Bowen
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Information for the Congregation for Sunday, January 22, 2017

Posted January 20th, 2017

Join the families of Josh Norris and Hunter Nolen for a cookie reception following church today, to celebrate their wedding.  All are invited!

Marge Stauffer is celebrating her 95th birthday today, Marge will be honored at a party from 2- 4 p.m., in The Cedars Courts Activity Room. Everyone is invited to attend the celebration.

Gene Reinecker will celebrate his 90th birthday on Sunday, January 29. Gene’s family invites everyone to help him celebrate at a Cookie Reception which is planned for 2-4 p.m., in the Church Social Room.

First Fridays: McPherson College at The Cedars — This is a free educational series of classes that are open to all ages. At 2 p.m. on Friday, February 3, Dr. Kirk MacGregor will present “The Existence of the Soul.” Contact Monica Rice (ricem@mcpherson.edu or 620-242-0432) by Monday, January 30, to reserve your place.

Good Beginnings Preschool has several Pre-Kindergarten openings, currently available! Enrollment applications for the 2017-18 school year are also available in the Church Office or from Carol Temple, director. Public enrollment will be January 23 so reserve your spot now.

Childcare Volunteers – We continue to seek persons who are willing to staff the nursery during the Sunday school hour and worship service. Willing to assist? Sign up on the church website (www.macbrethren.org), under the “Church Life” tab and click on “Surveys and Signups.”

Sunday Worship, January 29, 2017

For this worship service we will be utilizing music selections and emulating some of the styles of worship from the Taize Community in France.  The music that has developed over several decades incorporates a unique blend of the old and the new; with an element of liturgical chant, and layers of sounds with congregational singing, instrumentalists and vocal solos – led in a communal, spontaneous way.

Amongst our own elements of worship we will incorporate several sung responses, other sung and chanted prayers, meditation, a period of silence, liturgical readings, and candle-lighting. The songs can be thought of as prayers consisting of “short chants, repeated again and again.” 

Many of the musical refrains from the Taizé tradition are easily memorized and can be sung by heart, freeing us from following books or screens. You are encouraged to immerse yourself in the simple harmonies, and let the song carry the focus of prayers to a deep personal level while experiencing the presence of the church community. It is hoped that the experience will help one sense and acknowledge the presence of God in your life. Thank you.

Kendra Flory, Dan Masterson, Becky Snell, Taize Worship Planning Committee

Church Cancellation

In the event of severe weather or a catastrophic event:

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When personnel can get to the office, an All Church Email will be sent.

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Musings from Ministry Team Members

Posted January 19th, 2017

The Leadership Team is working on a fresh Vision Statement for the Congregation that will be presented at Congregational Forum on March 5. Part of the conversation involves the questions; where are we going, how will we get there and whose gifts will lead us?  In the most recent Brethren Benefit Trust newsletter, President, Nevin Dulabaum reflected on some of the information he gleaned while completing a Master of Business Administration degree. Following is some of the wisdom he shared that I thought might be helpful as we live into a new vision.

“One person at a time can make a profound difference,” is a conclusion drawn after Nevin read John Piper’s The Roots of Endurance. In The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly he learned that, “Each person, in and through the work they do is on a journey. Some will be at a place of employment for a short time, passing through as they continue learning, growing, and expanding their knowledge, capabilities and leadership, while others may work for that employer for their entire career: Both situations are common and there’s no right or wrong….. However, people should be challenged throughout their working career to learn, to grow, and to dream. A company that can help its employees work toward achieving their dreams is well on its way to being a successful company, and one that possesses a dynamic culture.” From Frank Buytendijk in Performance Leadership he learned, “Success should be gauged through horizontal metrics…..A business, success should be measured based on the outcomes of all departments and people, not through vertical silos. Success should be team focused, not an individual achievement, so that both a company and its people can benefit from good achievements. Leaders should embrace the “Elements of Character” as described in Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership by Craig Johnson. These traits include courage, temperance, wisdom and prudence, justice, optimism, integrity, humility, reverence, and compassion.” Writers John Pearce and Richard Robinson in their book Strategic Management taught Nevin to “Treat change as a normal challenge. Not all personalities are equipped and prepared to address constant change, but successful leaders are.” Finally, from Jim Collins writing in Good to Great Nevin learned, “The best leaders … did not have a visionary ability to predict the future. They observed what worked, figured out why it worked, and built upon proven foundations. They were not more risk taking, more bold, more visionary, or more creative than the comparisons….”

As we consider our Vision, how we will get there and who will lead us – Nevin’s insights may be a helpful starting point.      — Pastor Kathryn

News and Information from Good Beginnings Preschool

Posted January 18th, 2017

Rachel Jury, educational specialist from Child Care Aware, Salina, visited all classes in January to teach them about germs. The children enjoyed putting on “glow lotion” and checking for “germs.” They found some germs hiding when they checked their hands after washing. Favorite activities for the older class children included drawing and describing germs for our germ book, painting matching boots, and cutting snowflakes. They also enjoyed dressing in their pajamas and bringing sleep toys to share and compare for pajama day.

The younger class shared the favorite book Owl Babies and made their own owls! They read The Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Friends. The children painted gingerbread men, matched gingerbread men, and decorated gingerbread men to eat.

All the children will create valentines and valentine boxes in February. They can work in the Heart Post Office, making mail for each other and for their families. These activities provide opportunities for the children to practice communication, writing, literacy, imaginative play, and sharing skills!

Dr. Wince, DDS, and staff members, will be coming to share their time and teach the children about how to take good care of their teeth.

2017-18 Enrollment – Now Available

Enrollment applications are currently being accepted. Contact Carol Temple to make sure your child has a space reserved in the class of your choice. Enrollment for the public opens on Monday, January 23.

Thank You for Your Support

Thank you to those who enrolled online at “dillons.com/community rewards” to support Good Beginnings Preschool. So far this year Kroger/Dillons has contributed $480 to the preschool through your grocery purchases! If you have not enrolled before, you may join the many other families who find this an easy way to support the preschool. Thank you!

Carol Temple, Director

Dyck Arboretum of the Plains Winter Lecture Series Begins

Posted January 18th, 2017

 The 2017 Winter Lecture Series at the  Dyck Arboretum of the Plains  in Hesston will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 31.  Nature Conservancy ecologist and field manager Ken Brunson will be speaking about “Fire Recovery in the Red Hills“.  The lecture will take place in the Prairie Pavilion, with a soup supper preceding it at 6 p.m. in the Visitor’s Center.  The cost of the lecture is $2 per person, or supper and the lecture is $7.  Interested persons should call 620-327-8127 by 5 p.m. on Friday before the Tuesday lecture for supper reservations.